Bed Bug Surveys

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Bed Bug Detection Surveys.

Bed bug detection dogs are the most efficient and accurate way to find bed bugs. Our dogs can sniff out bed bugs in a fraction of the time it takes any human or machine. They can find bugs in just 2-3 minutes – with pinpoint accuracy.

The dogs can find infestations in domestic and commercial properties including;


●Hotels and Bed & Breakfasts

●Caravan parks

●Aircraft and Airports

●Schools and Universities


The dogs are carefully trained by our NASDU experts to work proficiently and discreetly all over the UK

* We inspect everything in our  bed bug surveys… Beds, (including seams, label corner protectors and handles), box springs, bed frames, bed posts , headboards (in front and behind legs), bedside furniture (inspection of the interior and exterior of drawers and furniture including the underside), closets, telephones, books, utility jacks, behind switch plates, behind electrical outlets, clocks, lamps, curtains, draperies, chairs, couches, seats, carpet edges, baseboards,  any loose areas of wallpaper or paint, any open nail or screw holes, room flooring along with baseboards, any clothing within the room, luggage and any other item or place not listed where live bed bugs and their viable eggs can hide.

* No conflicts of interest… as we are independent, we are not tied to any pest control company.  We have no vested interest in the outcome of   the survey, which also keeps things honest. And we are proud sponsors of the bed bug foundation son all our handlers are up to date on all things bed bug

* We will prepare a detailed report of the survey for you to give to your pest control professional   With this they can implement a tailor made treatment plan for you.

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