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Beamson Security Services offer a range of Canine disciplines to complement your business security requirements.  Explosive Detection canine teams can be widely used across different industries. They can sweep event venues, large shopping centres or retail parks, ports and airports, as well as screening vehicles and people at venues and events for explosive devices or component parts.  Our Explosive Detection Dog teams can be utilised to provide assurance sweeps, ensuring your venue is a safe environment for both your workforce as well as members of the public. They also provide an excellent visual deterrent, to help thwart potential risks to your establishments safety.


The United Kingdom (UK) is currently perceived as the world leader in training explosive detection dogs.

 In the current security climate, the use of explosive detection dogs or sniffer dogs is becoming increasingly more in demand from many industry sectors. The benefits of utilising sniffer dogs (bomb dogs) to increase the protection of your staff and premises are tangible in that that they are effective, efficient and extremely versatile.

If you are considering utilising explosive detection dogs to increase the security of your premises, Beamson Security will provide you with the highest calibre of detection teams.

When you contact Beamson Security we respond quickly and discreetly.  A member of the senior management team and search dog team will discuss your requirements in confidence and provide a survey to confirm the level of support you require from our explosive detection teams. 

Having established your requirements, we can refine our training for both sniffer dog and handler providing a tailored solution for your business.

Security as it should be. Our explosives detection teams will be deployed as soon as possible to ensure the protection you need is in place.


Our explosive detection teams provide sniffer dog solutions for almost any environment such as:

Public Events and Stadia

Cargo areas


Public areas and people.

Route clearances

Open area searches

Stadiums and arenas require robust security to protect fans, players, event participants, staff and the venue.  Explosive threats have become more prevalent, requiring an effective security solution.  The use of detection dogs in crowded places provides an extra layer of security, enhancing a stadium/arenas existing security measures.

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